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In the age of global business intercultural insensitivity is not only foolish it is expensive.

Greg Storti
Arabia for Executives...  

In a contribution to SWR1 series "Islam – so close, so strange" Stephanie Dötzer reports about particularities of working in the Arab Region. Read the transcript or listen to the piece.

Attracting Arab Tourists To The Black Forest...  

Pforzheim, December 10, 2008. At an information event organized by the Chamber of Commerce Zeina Matar lectured on intercultural aspects. Heiner Kunold reported on Baden-Radio SWR4.

A Window for a Different Glance...  

Stuttgart, August 16, 2008. Ruba Anabtawi interviews Dr. Zeina Matar on Deutsche Welle.

Our Services

Target Groups

Our target groups are:
  • Executives
  • Experts in project teams
  • Expats prior to an assignment
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Engineers and service technicians
  • Facility management and trait fair staff
  • Export staff between production and customer


We offer consulting tailored to your individual project needs, with an emphasis on the following topics:
  • Cross Cultural Management Competency
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Intercultural Management Arab Region
  • Go beyond borders: Teams in the age of globalization
  • Business guests from the Arab Region
  • Successful trade fairs in the Arab Region
  • International Assignments
  • Living and Working in Arabia, Australia, USA, Germany

Special Programs

We have developed special programs for specific client groups:
  • Arabia for Executives – "Just in Time" Management Briefing
  • Arabia for Engineers
  • Intercultural Project Management
  • Cross Cultural Management for Medicine and Healthcare Industry
  • Businesswomen International
  • "Attending the Right Way to Arab Clients"


Cross Cultural Management Competency

Communicating successfully with people from other cultures means finding and developing common ground. This assumes the ability and readiness to acquire culture-specific perceptions and characteristics.

Cross Cultural Awareness

Cultural differences have an impact on communication and cooperation. This is why it is important to have access to the culture of the partners in order to understand their patterns of behavior, their actions and their decision-making processes.

Intercultural Management Arab Region

If you wish to work successfully in an Arab country and with Arab partners, you will need knowledge about the country and the culture, as well as excellent communication with business partners and employees.

"Go Beyond Borders" – Teams in the Age of Globalization

Working together with teams in different countries and from different cultures requires team leaders with excellent communication skills and exceptional knowledge.

Business Guests from the Arab Region

Whether investors, employees, delegations or trade fairs' participants and visitors, many Arab businesspeople spend time in Germany. Good intercultural preparation leads to smooth processes and avoiding embarrassing and costly faux-pas.

Successful Trade Fairs in the Arab Region & Germany

Culture plays a major role in your trade fair participation, and success is determined by complying with various cultural factors.

International Assignments

Getting to know the target culture and country, as well as the ability to skillfully communicate with people from other backgrounds are pre-conditions for successful international assignments and for avoiding the expensive "early return" of the expatriate.

Living and working in the Arab Region

Germany enjoys an outstanding reputation in the Arab Region. "Made in Germany" is a seal of quality that guarantees excellence and reliability. Good intercultural preparation will ensure your successful stay!

Living and working in Australia

With a large population of skilled workers, English as working language, and the geographical closeness to the rapidly expanding Asian markets, Australia has become a very attractive business location for German companies.

Living and Working in USA

For German companies, the United States of America are still one of the most important trade partners. But even though things appear to be familiar and simple on the surface, there are major cultural differences between the two countries.

Living and Working in Germany

More and more executives and specialists from abroad are working in Germany. Good intercultural training and preparation greatly contribute to their successful international assignment as well as that of their partners, spouses and children.


Arabia for Executives – "Just in Time" Management Briefing

First or strategy meetings are often a real challenge for the whole management team. Our recommendation: Compact preparation shortly before the scheduled meeting!

Arabia for Engineers

Engineers are increasingly involved in projects worldwide, along with international teams and new, specific requirements. This calls for conscious perception and sensitivity in behavior which allow the engineer to identify, avoid, and remove culturally related misunderstandings. With this strategy, projects are bound to succeed.

Intercultural Project Management

Successful projects in the Arab region require excellent logistics, motivated team members, and a deep understanding of the market specifics, especially communication. A binational team prepares you for the challenge!

"Attending the Right Way to Arab Clients"

Arab customers are increasingly travelling to Europe, as financially strong tourists, company associates, business partners or business guests. In order to deal with them appropriately, service providers and staff need good intercultural preparation and in depth knowledge about typical pitfalls and misunderstandings in communication.

Businesswomen International

More and more businesswomen are internationally active. Some cultures present specific challenges to them. This is particularly true when it comes to the successful understanding of local leadership styles and gender roles in the Arab region.

Intercultural Project Management for the Medical and Health Industry

Two experts with long standing experience in the cross cultural and medical fields sensitize participants for the Arab culture, and outline practical lines of action for smooth handling of Arab clients and patients.