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In the age of global business intercultural insensitivity is not only foolish it is expensive.

Craig Storti


Consulting for
the Arabic

Zeina Matar, 2015:
Business Culture Arabic
Gulf States (in German).


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  • negotiation
  • cooperation

With nearly 420 million inhabitants, the Arab countries constitute a vast market
bordering Europe.

However, it is the enormous cultural, rather than the relatively minor geographical distance
which shapes Arab-European relations.

This cultural distance as well as widespread clichés and stereotypes of the „other“ often make communication difficult.

Successful communication for long-term business relationships is based on
knowing and respecting each other’s values and learning patterns of behaviour
and expression that avoid giving offense to one another.

International success comes with intercultural competence - gained through knowledge, experience and training.

Zeina Matar Intercultural Consulting brings the cultural values and features
of the Arab and Islamic countries closer to you, helping you reach your goals through increased cross-cultural competence.

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