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In the age of global business intercultural insensitivity is not only foolish it is expensive.

Greg Storti
Arabia for Executives...  

In a contribution to SWR1 series "Islam – so close, so strange" Stephanie Dötzer reports about particularities of working in the Arab Region. Read the transcript or listen to the piece.

Attracting Arab Tourists To The Black Forest...  

Pforzheim, December 10, 2008. At an information event organized by the Chamber of Commerce Zeina Matar lectured on intercultural aspects. Heiner Kunold reported on Baden-Radio SWR4.

A Window for a Different Glance...  

Stuttgart, August 16, 2008. Ruba Anabtawi interviews Dr. Zeina Matar on Deutsche Welle.

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  • keynote speeches

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  • best practice sharing

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  • simulations

Our Methods...


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  • interactive
  • participant-centered
  • behavior-oriented

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